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Rental Lease Agreement - Month to Month - This is a living document which is updated from time to time.





1. I renter(us) will not move anyone into the house, located at _____________________, except those listed in my contract under occupants.  If I have anyone stay with me (us) for more than one week, I agree to pay an additional $100.00 per person, per month

Occupants: __________________________________________________________________________


2. I will keep house and other buildings on the property in clean and neat condition.

  • Floors will be periodically swept, cleaned and mopped. 
    The yard will be mowed when needed and free from debris; this includes coke, beer cans and bottles, and the remains of tobacco products. All existing flower beds must be maintained, cleaned and weeds will always be controlled and removed.
  • I agree not to have junk merchandise, including cars, boats, or trailers stored or left on the property.
  • Nothing will be allowed to set in the yard long enough to kill the grass.  I will be responsible for replanting the grass if I violate this policy.
  • All buildings are to be completely cleaned when I move from the property.
  • Household garbage will be put by the road on the appropriate pickup dates, as scheduled by the city.
  • Garbage cans will be moved back to the house within 24 hours of pickup.  Garbage cans will be cleaned out so not to attract rats, roaches, ants, dogs, cats, possums, and raccoons, looking for food.
  • I agree to keep air conditioner filter clean so units will operate properly.
  • Range/oven and refrigerator will be kept clean. (It is very important to have these cleaned before moving). I understand and agree any cleaning Brooks Rentals needs to perform will be charged against my deposit.
  • I understand I am responsible for day to day maintenance including, but not limited to, pest control and yard maintenance, at my expense.
  • I understand my house may have a central heating/ac unit. If the unit becomes unfixable it will be replaced with window units. As long as it is feasible, the central unit will be repaired. We are trying to eliminate central units. There may be times when we supply renter will floor heaters, or have wall heaters installed.
  • I understand my house may have window units.  Brooks Rentals supplies three window units (for 2 bedrooms). If I find three window units are not sufficient for my needs, I understand I may purchase additional unit(s). If Brooks Rentals supplies us with additional units, I understand there is a $25.00 monthly fee for each additional unit.

3. I will not attach ANYTHING to the house, including the roof. I will not construct any building, fencing, or temporary structures, or landscape beds on the property without written permission of Brooks Rentals. I will not allow service providers, such as cable or internet to lay service cables along the ground.

4. I will pay any plumbing bill, that result from any foreign objects being put in the sink or commode. I will report any leaks as soon as they occur and will take responsibility for an excessive water bill, if not reported immediately.  If I am to be out of the house for any extended period of time, (more than two days), I will turn water off to commodes. I will not put anything down the house drains, such as, coffee grounds, egg shells, raw meats, shrimp shells, or grease.  If plumbing issues occur from violating this policy, I understand I will be responsible to pay for the cost of repairs.

5. Pets and pet fees: I agree not to have inside or outside pets of any kind, without permission of Brooks Rentals.  If pets are found on the property or in the house, without permission of Brooks Rentals, it will be grounds for immediate eviction (3 days’ notice). No exceptions and no excuses. This must be discussed on a case by case basis. I agree not to move and abandon any animals (pets); this would be a violation of Sweeny City codes. I agree to post a sign in front window stating dogs live on the premises. All pets must have all required vaccination.

SPECIAL NOTE: Brooks Rentals has several contractors that will not do repair work if dogs are not contained while work is being performed. Renter agrees to post a "Beware of Pet" sign on the front of dwelling.

Pet fee is $200.00, per pet, non-refundable. If additional pets are added pet fees and rental information must be updated.

 Pet Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Pet Description (breed and color):___________________________________________________

6. I will not park campers or trailers in the driveway or on the property for others to live in, since this is a violation of Sweeny city codes.  I agree not to park vehicles in the yard at any time, since can cause damge to service lines such as water and gas.  Kiddie pools are allowed only if emptied and put away after each use.  I will not have any items in the yard that will hold water and encourage the growth of mosquitoes.  I understand trampolines are not allowed by Brooks Rentals' insurance policy.

7. I understand my furniture, appliances and contents, as well as any personal property are to be insured by myself.  Brooks Rentals strongly encourages all renters to obtain insurance.  I understand Brooks Rentals, their employees, and/or contractors are in no way personally liable for any damage to my belongings in the event I do not purchase insurance.  If it becomes necessary for my furniture to be moved to perform repairs I understand it is my responsibility to do so.

8. I agree to pay my rent $______________by the 1st of the month.  If I have not paid my rent by the 3rd day of the month, I understand my rent will increase by $10.00 per day, for each day it is late, starting from the 1st day of the month, and until my payments are current.  Once my account has been satisfied, the rental rate will return to agreed upon monthly amount._____________ Initial

9. I understand there is a security deposit to be in the amount of $ ___________ and that said deposit cannot in any way be applied to rent.  I understand that if the yard and house are not cleaned when I move I will not receive my deposit refund.  Deposit refund will be returned within 30 days after move-out. Brooks rentals expects to have the property returned in the same clean condition it was received.

10. I will not remove any of the window screens, or window blinds and will take responsibility for any damage I cause to them.

11.  I will not put any material in house drains such as, coffee grounds, grease, raw meats, egg shells, or shrimp shells that could cause drains to become stopped-up.  Any plumbing issues occurring from these types of issues will be my responsibility to cover the repair bills.

12.  I agree to give a 15-day notice before moving.  I agree to allow inspection of property before moving. I understand I will automatically lose my deposit if notice is not given, or inspection is not allowed.  I agree to supply Brooks Rentals with my forwarding address when I return property keys to Linda Wolf.

13. I will do no painting or perform repairs or make alternations to the house, property structures, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, fences, driveways or service connections.  All repairs will be performed by a licensed contractor appointed my Brooks Rentals, following all city and state requirements.  I will receive notice of contractor's arrival and will allow entry to do repairs, or make inspections.  If contact cannot be made Brooks Rentals or agent may enter at any reasonable time to inspect, repair, maintain, or show the premises.  When notified I agree to have any and all obstacles and debris cleared for easy access.  I understand contractors will not move my belongings in order to do needed inspections or repairs. 

14. I agree to pay Brooks Rentals  NSF fee of $35.00 for each payment returned or dishonored by my institution on which it is drawn for any reason, plus any additional rental rate increase until owner receives full payment.

15. I will not remove any furniture, fixtures, or personal property until all rent and charges have been paid in full and grant the owner a lien on said items.

I agree not to remove or replace any furniture or fixtures, such as furniture, stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air/conditioners/heaters, or any other amenities included. ___________Initial if rental is furnished.  Initial if utilities are included. ___________

16. I agree to assume all legal responsibility for the acts and conduct of any pets or visitors, as well as for myself, and adhere to all lease agreement rules and will not violate any city, county, state, or federal law on the premises knowing that I will be evicted immediately for such violations no matter the circumstance.

17. I understand I am responsible for maintaining the filters on the a/c & heating units.  I will change the filters at least once a month.  If the unit is damage due to not changing or cleaning the filters, I understand I will be held responsible for fixing or replacing the unit.

18. I agree to neither transfer nor assign this agreement or to sublet the premises or any part of the same without written consent of Brooks Rentals. I also understand I cannot sublease any part of this property.

 19. In the event of default or breech of this contract I agree to any appropriate action by Brooks Rentals and agree to pay all costs including any reasonable legal fees.  I agree Brooks Rentals has my permission to dispose of anything I leave in the house or on the property in the event I default or breech this contract.  Any outstanding/unpaid balances which result from an eviction will or may result in any legal action.

I understand if necessary, the owner will use the court system to recover any losses from my rental through either Eviction Court, Small Claims Court, or through a civil suit case.  I understand I will be responsible for all costs and fees incurred by Brooks Rentals relating to contract enforcement and/or eviction efforts, including, but not limited to, collections costs collection fees, attorneys' fees, court costs, cost of service, witness fees and prejudgments interest.

20. I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure my rent is delivered to, or mailed to Linda Wolf, 606 Crosson St., Sweeny, Texas 77480.

21. My rental agreement is complete and accurate.  I understand a violation of any portion of this agreement can result in immediate eviction.

22. My rental application has been submitted for approval to the owners/agent.  I understand any erroneous or false information provided to the owners/agent may be considered a violation of the contract and may result in immediate eviction.

23.  I agree to supply Linda Wolf with my current email address and cell phone number so I can receive notices from Brooks Rentals when necessary.

It is my responsibility to determine, before signing this contract, whether all services are available and accessible to and from the property, and that such services are sufficient for my needs and wishes, and that I am fully satisfied with the property's condition.  I understand I should, within three days after move-in, list any concerns I have discovered with the property.

24. This contract is binding upon final acceptance and execution by both Parties. READ THE ENTIRE CONTRACT CAREFULLY.  If Renter does not understand or agree with contract, please do not sign.


Property must be returned to Brooks Rentals in good condition, clean and ready for next renter. We always ensure that property has been well cleaned before we release it to you.  Property must be retuned in same condition it was presented to you.  The cost of returning property to original condition and clean will be taken from security deposit. Brooks Rentals really wants to be able to return your full deposit.

Brooks Rentals reserves the right to make changes and updates to this contract without written notice. However, renters can always log into anytime to view or print current agreements.

I understand by signing this contract, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with Brooks Rentals.



We strive to make your renting experience with us a pleasant one.  You have our promise that you will always be treated with respect.

Brooks Rentals will respond to your needs in a timely manner. We  have dedicated contractors who understand we put your needs first. They respond to our calls as quickly as they can, even putting us on the top of their schedules whenever possible.

Everyone you deal with will conduct their busines with respect. You will be dealing with our Property Manager Linda Wolf, who does a tremendous job. She deals with over forth families, and has done so of over 25 years. We want her to be treated with respect, at all times. There are times when a contractor work and repairs do not go as smoothly as we would like. but, we always strive to get your home back to comfortable an safe living conditions as soon as possible.

Before you move into your new home, we make sure it is clean and free from any pests.

 Just so you can understand my side I will explain just a little about how I view this business.

  • I over see the cleaning of your home personally. I clean the range/oven and refrigerator, myself. I want to be proud of the houses we rent to you.  When you move I really do expect to have the house returned to us in the same manner.
  • Your lawn will be mowed before  you move in. When you move out I expect to have the house returned to us as you received it.
  • Your move-out should include removing all your belongs, including all personally items and trash inside and outside of house. All woodwork, including inside and outside of cabinets are to be wiped down. 
  • Floors should be swept and mopped, carpets vacuumed. If carpets require cleaning the cost will be deducted from your deposit.

Linda Wolf is in between you and the contractors and Brooks Rentals only get involved when it is necessary.

We do perform inspections from time to time, to make sure your home is in good condition. If you notice issues at any time, you feel we need to address, please feel free to contract Linday Wolf.

Brooks Rentals loves to walk into an inspection and find a well kept home. A clean, neat home shows us you are taking care of our investment.

If you ever find that you have an issue with us, simply let us know we will do everything possible to work it out.